July 21, 2020

48 Hours in Dublin

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Touched down in Dublin to a beautiful downpour. I treated myself to a glass of wine and some food while I waited for my brother to arrive. Ordered an uber and walked, what literally felt like an eternity, to find it. (more info about transportation here). It took about 30 minutes to get to our 4-star boutique hotel, The Morrison, a DoubleTree by Hilton. The Morrison is located in the heart of Dublin city, looking out over the Liffey River.The best part about staying at a DoubleTree by Hilton, is you get a warm ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie when you check in, and it honestly just makes life better. We stayed in the King one bedroom suite with river view and it was absolutely perfect. If you’ve traveled through Europe, you know that most hotel rooms are itty bitty, but our room was massive, so we highly recommend!  

With our hotel being steps away from the infamous Temple Bar, we headed over the Millennium Bridge to enjoy a Guinness. I am not a beer lover by any means but I thoroughly enjoyed the tall glass of dark beer. The Temple Bar is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin, known for its traditional Irish music, having more than 450 whiskey selections and most importantly having the largest selection of sandwiches in the world. The pub is definitely on the touristy side, jam packed with people, buzzing music, and slightly overpriced, but it is a location you do not want to miss when traveling through Dublin.  

“As an entrepreneur you have to get used to the fact that sometimes things are going to get a bit uncomfortable. The music stops and everyone runs to find their chair. It’s no different right now.” 

We dined at Fade St. Social by Dylan McGrath, an Irish celebrity head chef. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, impeccable service (request Hugo), delicious cuisine and an open kitchen so you can watch all your dishes come to life. A large chalk board hangs next to the kitchen with all the meat selections available for the night, being crossed off as they’re ordered. What a great way to get people to order, thinking they’re going to miss out if they don’t get the last or largest piece of meat right? With nine Chateaubriand options available and five having already been claimed for the night, we went with that cut of meat. It was cooked to perfection, medium rare of course, the juices gave the steak so much flavor and all around it was absolutely divine. Not overlooking the rest of the meal, we started with a sugar pit pork rib that melted.in.my.mouth, and enjoyed a mushroom open ravioli to compliment the steak. We enjoyed a nice Claude Serra Cuvée Pinot Noir to wash everything down with, that was extremely cheap but delicious.    

With full and happy bellies, we ventured out on the town to check out some other local pubs. Traveling with my brother was obviously so fun and amazing (love you Jordan lol) but we looked like a couple everywhere we went, the best looking couple thanks to our parents haha We ended up meeting a fun group of randoms at the bar and drank with them until the early morning hours.  

Woke up a little hungover, which was nothing an Irish breakfast couldn’t fix. We walked a couple blocks from our hotel to Oshea’s Merchant, an authentic Irish Pub. Kicked off the morning with an Irish coffee and a traditional Irish Breakfast which consisted of bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, black pudding (don’t look up the ingredients lol) and sunny side up eggs. We booked a tour at the Jameson Distillery, which meant we were off for more drinking!! The tours fill up quickly, so if you’re wanting to do this, we recommend booking in advance, which you can do directly on their site. The Bow St. Experience, a guided distillery tour is $22. We added on the Secret Whiskey Tasting for $30, which is a 40 minute private tour with seven other people where you sit in a hidden room and taste four whiskeys. It was so much fun and definitely worth the extra money! With the purchase of your ticket you get to choose from a whiskey shot or drink while you wait for your tour to start. At the end of the tour you’re led through the souvenir shop, where we purchased a limited distillery edition whiskey that we got personalized and got to pour from a barrel ourselves, it was such a cool experience.  

After hours of drinking and walking through the distillery we both worked up and appetite and were craving a nice juicy burger. We headed towards Bunsen, a local burger joint within the Temple Bar District. It was hopping when we arrived with a wait, so we were given a buzzer to let us know when we could come in and dine. It’s not really the dine for hours kind of spot, so the turn over was pretty quick, waiting about fifteen minutes. Picking from only four burger options on the very small menu, I got myself a double cheeseburger coming in at $12. I thought the price was a little steep until the burger came out and looked to be worth more $20. The patties were the size of my head! The photos of the burger don’t even do it justice! The patties were full of so much flavor and it was just amazing. This burger will change your life. ( ** Interesting fact: Burgers in Dublin are supposed to be cooked to a Well Done temperature due to illness from serving rare meat **) Grab a Bunsen Lager to wash your burger and fries down with.  

Once we scarfed down our delicious burgers and beer, we headed towards the Guinness Storehouse Brewery for a tour and more drinking. You’d think we were alcoholics by now haha You can book your visit ahead of time and save money, plus adding skip the line, which we highly recommend depending on when you visit the brewery. If we’re being honest here, the tour was pretty boring. The most enjoyable part of it was the free Guinness in the Gravity Bar at the end of the tour. It is a circle glass bar on the 7th floor of the brewery offering beautiful views of Dublin. If they let you skip the tour… just climb on up to the top and enjoy a beer and the views!  

We dined at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill for dinner. Our reservations were for 7:00 and by 7:30, every table around us was full. Seated in a booth in the back of the restaurant, we had the perfect view for people watching, while sipping on some amazing Framingham Marlborough Pinot Noir. We started off with some tender and tasty scallops then a delicious filet with bearnaise sauce as well as creamed spinach that was divine. While the inside of the restaurant is amazing, if you can get a reservation to dine on the terrace, we highly recommend that option. For the quality of the food, the prices are very reasonable.  

If you’re looking for a fun night out on the town, NoLIta is a great spot. It doubles as an Italian eatery and lively bar. It two stories full of fun, and the upstairs seating area near the outdoor courtyard area is a spot to check out with amazing decor. We came here late night and didn’t get to try the food, but heard it is decent!  

Our last morning in Dublin started off with some breakfast from Brother Hubbard. It had a very cool atmosphere in a large open space with plants. Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine.  

Brother’s Dosirak, a Korean spot that is an absolute hidden gem in Dublin was highly recommended to us. It ended up not being far from where we had brunch so we decided to go check it out. It is a tiny spot hidden in the back of an Asian supermarket on Capel St. This spot is not for a posh night out, but for those who want great food. The staff is so friendly, and the kitchen is open so you can see them prepare everything. I got the Korean BBQ Beef Dosirak served up in a small wooden box that was full of so much flavor. If you love Korean food, this place is a must.  

With only a few hours left before we had to catch our flight to Switzerland, we decided to head back over to The Temple Bar for another glass of Guinness and some Irish music. We got some barstool seats right in the center of it all. I decided I needed to try an Irish ham & cheese toastie before we left so I got myself one of those and an Irish coffee. The ham & cheese toastie was so good oh my gosh. Please do yourself a favor and order yourself one of these when you visit The Temple Bar!


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