July 21, 2020

48 Hours in Monaco

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Our cruise ship sailed through Corsica before docking in Monaco. No offense to those that reside there, but I would suggest skipping Corsica and spending more time in Cannes, Monaco or elsewhere! We had breakfast onboard just soaking in the view of the open water (thankfully from the safety of a boat and not left stranded like the couple in the movie, yikes!). There is something so satisfying about enjoying a meal while looking out and seeing nothing but tranquil blue water in the horizon. Definitely would not mind doing this everyday for the rest of my life. I could definitely get used to this!  

It was the 76th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix Weekend. I don’t know about you guys, but this has been a bucket list item of ours forever and we want to press rewind and do it all over again. We had a family friend who lives in Monaco who had us over for a wine picnic to watch the Qualifying Sessions from above. Our mother got a little tipsy and was swarmed by first aid after taking a spill in the street, which was pretty hysterical but we’re not sure she’ll forgive us for saying this…. Oh also… the medics in Monaco are some eye candy we  just couldn’t look away from. Is it time for us to have an “accident” so we can call them back over??  

We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and checking out all the local shops. When roaming around Monaco comfy shoes are a must because the roads twist and turn more than you’d think!  

We dined at ….. the internet may post positive reviews, but it was everything and more than what they say online. But, don’t come here if you want to have an intimate dinner, because you’ll get quite the opposite. We were seated right near the piano with the vocalist so it was very loud, but undoubtedly entertaining. Okay, maybe the fam didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did but…I found it fun! During Grand Prix weekend, it is a prix fix menu (cost ranges around 200 euros pp). This is a must if you’re traveling to Monaco because the food was absolutely magnificent and worth every penny. Feeling like 007, we walked the streets filled with Bentley’s and Rolls-Royce’s that were bumper to bumper parked as if they weren’t 200K cars, and headed towards Casino Royale. The Casino is a must see. Dress code is strictly observed and you have to pay to get in…TO A CASINO! It was like we were paying to enter into a museum. Honestly, we didn’t sending up staying for very long because the lowest table minimum was 100 euros, so we ran out of money pretty quick haha. But it was definitely worth checking out! After, exhausted from all the day’s walking and eating, we decided to call it an early night to rest up for the big race!

Day Two

It was finally race day, the day we’d been waiting for since we pulled the trigger on planning this amazing trip. We woke up and enjoyed breakfast in our robes while looking out at the beautiful silhouette of Monaco and the vast amount of yachts and boats filling the harbor. We couldn’t wait to get back onto land and into the mess of the race crowd! As we were herded like cattle to get onto the lifeboats to get back onto the island, the captain came over the loud speaker with some daunting news. The waters were too rough and the lifeboats were crashing up against the cruise ship as they tried to tie it up to get everyone loaded. As things started to escalate, we came to see that boats were cracking, leaving glass everywhere and more than one concerned passenger. Shortly after, the caption announced that the lifeboats were no unsafe to board at this time. The excited faces of the people onboard quickly turned to looks of pure apprehension as questions began to soar. Are we going to get off this boat today? What about the thousands of dollars we had already spent on our race tickets? Do we sell them? Everyone wanted answers and as is always the highly frustrating case in these situations, we were just told to hang tight and we had no other option but to do just that. Hours passed by and a lot of us came to terms with the fact that we would be watching the race from the boat. However, after all this anticipation, knowing that we were only feet away from the island, this was a tough pill to swallow. Finally, about 3 more hours of waiting, the crew decided to give the lifeboats another try. We quickly ran to get back in line so we weren’t left behind! Sounds crazy, but we were far more with seeing the race than we were about our safety J.   After a long and arduous morning we finally made it onto land! And, after another long trek to our seats, we arrived at the front row! We faced all the yachts with people crammed on watching from deck. The energy level and noise was infectious! Its hard to even explain the feeling of being there and so close to these cars handling turns at such top-notch speeds. Undoubtedly, it was an event that we will never forget. If you have this on your bucket list like we did, CROSS – IT –OFF!! You won’t regret it.  

High off adrenaline but exhausted from the day’s event, we happily and groggily climbed back aboard the boat for dinner as we set off for Barcelona.


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