July 22, 2020

Barcelona – Days 1 & 2

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From Rosé overlooking the Spanish Steps, to walks along the Arno River, to potato wedges in the French Riviera and Formula One in Monaco, our whirl wind trip was sadly coming to an end and we didn’t think it could get any better. Enter Barcelona. Looking over the railing of our Azamara Cruise ship all thoughts that we had already reached the peek of our trip melted away as we looked out over this vibrant and colorful city on the Baleric Sea. If you’re looking for the perfect place to end your trip on a high note we couldn’t recommend a better destination than this vibrant and colorful city on the Baleraic sea. Upon arriving we thought we should check into our AirBnB and get settled in but before doing that we had to make a quick but important pit-stop first and it will come as no surprise to you that we ended up at MCDONALDS. Did you know that McDonald’s in Europe serves beer?! This was a very pleasant surprise to us made even better by the fact that you can take it to-go! Isn’t it time the U.S. adopted these policies?? Who do we need to contact to make this happen! Of course, while indulging in all the chicken nuggets we could stomach, we had to give our mom a call to thank her for instilling this very healthy love of McDonalds in us at a young age ;). She has, after all, been to almost EVERY single McDonald’s in Manhattan… not sure if that is something to worry about or if she deserves a medal, but… I’m gonna go with medal.  

After we’d eaten our fill it was finally time to get to our AirBnB and it could not have been cuter! Quaint and charming, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and most importantly in a great location (number one travel tip when you don’t have much time is to try and choose a place to stay that is walking distance or a short car ride away from all your most “must see” tourists spots) if you’re traveling with friends or family this place come highly recommended. Best part is, there is a really cute spot for sangrias just down the street which we found while meeting up with some close friends who were also passing through Barcelona. To be honest, I have no idea what we ended up doing for did for the rest of the day or for dinner…the sangrias must have been that good because now it’s time to fill you in on day two!  

Catching up on our zzzz’s we all slept in then got ready to kick off our day of drinking soaking up the sun. Starting off our “day two adventures” we found amazing little bar off the beaten path called Dux Homemade Gins & craft cocktails. Note to all my Instagramers out there, this is the spot to go for cute photos and quality drinks. We ordered the Eggcuse Me, the Ugly Duckling , and the Smoky Bubble, which were all hand-crafted AND under 10 euros. Whether you’re looking for a place to pregame before a fun day on the town, or just a spot to stop for drinks before dinner, Dux is the place to go. Surprising even ourselves, we suddenly realized hours of chatting and drinking had passed before we decided it was time to hit the road again and head into town and search for Barcelona’s famous “Space Invaders” which are these beautiful and artistic mosaic tiles hidden throughout the walls of the city.  

The final notable restaurant on our second day in Barcelona was another hole-in the wall (we love our “less explored” food finds!) Ovella Negra. Just steps from plaza Catalonia/Rambla, this is definitely a restaurant worth visiting. We treated ourselves to a huge self-serve jar of wine (27 euros) for the table and you can eat as much popcorn as you’d like so, no complaints there! One this we also love about our “hidden treasure” eating spots is their authenticity and this bar is definitely more of a “locals” spot and less of a tourist spot. After sangria’s and popcorn we followed this up with dinner but it was nothing to write home about and considering how great Ovella Negra’s was, it’s really not worth mentioning.  

Lastly, we ended the night with half of the group going home to rest up for the next day and the other half of us ventured out to club Opium. That was a blast! We danced until the sun came up and then headed home exhausted but too happy to care!


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