July 22, 2020

Barcelona – Day 3

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Rolling (literally and figuratively) into day three in Barcelona naturally we started our day at McDonald’s and this Micky-D’s, located at the top of one of Barcelona’s most historic mountains, Montjuïc, will definitely be a tough act to follow. Dinning into our a Grand McExtreme, we joined the “hop on hop off” bus tour and getting off at the cable car, which takes you all the way up Montjuïc. Let me tell you, the panoramic views of Barcelona that you see from the castle at the top are a vision we can’t do justice in words alone so definitely check it out for yourself! After sightseeing, we headed back down the mountain towards the famous fountains of Montjuï. We were told there is a fantastic fountain show that happens every night, that is a MUST SEE. It was still daytime, so we planned on returning at night some time during our visit.  

So after such an unbeatable morning, what did we do next? Big shock we were hungry again! Craving a little sushi we chose Watatsumi Restaurant Japonés and it did not dissapoint. It Located on the rooftop of Arenas de Barcelona, which up until 1977 was a bullfighting arena, we kept up the day’s theme of awesome views and being a little “extra” as we unapologetically are J we ordered a sushi BRIDGE! Who says food can’t be delicious, nutritious, and beautiful right?!  

Having already walked around 15 miles for the day, so we decided to keep getting in our steps and set out to find a cool spot called Cereal Hunters. We need one of these places in the United States! The second you step inside Cereal Hunters, you are brought back to your childhood. You have every single cereal you have ever laid eyes on to choose from, and the best part is you get to choose what color milk you want… do you feel like a kid already??  

Walk, eat, repeat. This is surely the Keith motto. So, after cereal we headed on to a hidden Italian gem, Da Greco, which came highly recommended to us. I know what you are thinking, Italian… in Spain? You’re damn right! If you don’t go to Da Greco when you visit Barcelona, then you are just plain stupid, yes, I said it! But we warned, you must make a reservation to get in so don’t forget to make that call before showing up! When you get to the restaurant (you definitely can’t miss it with the name prominently displayed over huge wooden doors) you have to ring the doorbell to gain access to don’t just stand around confused, give it a ring! This meal quite possibly one of the best meals we’ve ever had. If you live truffles as much as we do, definitely give the white truffle ravioli a try. Our favorite part of the meal was that everyone at the table got a tasting plate of everyone else’s dishes. Never being able to decided on just one dish, we obviously consider this to be the most brilliant idea EVER. I’m looking at all you females out there that tell your friend or significant other to get a meal and you’ll just have a BITE lol. Well, now you don’t have to because you’ll get a taste of it without having to switch plates or reach across the table. Make. A. Reservation. At. DA.GRECO. NOW!


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