July 22, 2020

2 Days in Cannes

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We sailed through the night so we dined on board before docking in Cannes. No surprise here, the golden arches was the first thing we spotted off the boat! Time to make a pit stop. In France, they have potato wedge fries and Croque McDO. They were both the perfect snack.  

Next we did some shopping along the main channel, there was a multitude of gorgeous and lavish stores, but, always faithful to a classic we went with our adored Coco Chanel and sprung for a beautiful Chanel purse…EEEKKK (But as Coco says, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”! so we’re allowing ourselves a little treat). After our fabulous splurge we decided to take a walk along the shoreline and get some ice cream on our walk back to the boat…time to get ready for dinner!   Bâoli Cannes was on the schedule for dinner and our cute parents had delicious martinis and a huge sushi sampler sent to the table! Plus…can’t forget about the delicious mac and cheese. The portion size is enough for one person so if you don’t feel like sharing, make sure to get seven…or ten 😉 orders of it!  

Day two rolled around faster than we would have liked. We woke, still docked in Cannes and had breakfast from the comfort of our balcony on board. Not a bad way to start the day! The best thing about the Azamara Cruise Line was ALL room service is included in the cost of your room (you bet we ordered everything on the menu for breakfast and dinner, can’t knock it till you try it right?!). After we ventured back to land and spent the day at a beach club. Don’t kill us but we don’t remember the name of the beach club….I wish we did because the club sandwich we had for lunch was a ten. “Few people understand a good sandwich” and we are one of those few!  

Ending our day we watched the beautiful sun set as we walked back to board the ship and settled in for an amazing dinner as we set sail for Corsica!


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