July 22, 2020

Rome Day 1

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The Keith’s Take on Rome  

In Vino Veritas! Latin is the original language of the ancient Romans and In Vino Veritas means in wine there is truth and we could not agree more! Eight hours after leaving the U.S. and the Keith’s have arrived in Rome. Say, CHEESE! Our dad/superhero hired a driver to pick us up and let me say…full-service driver! Papa Keith wins again! Knowing that we were just beginning our vacation our driver took us on the “scenic route” to our AirBnB and we knew we were already off to an amazing start. After checking in, Morgan and I took a look around our new digs and I must say, I picked a winner! This adorable apartment was 3 bed, 2 bath place perfect for a family of five to sleep comfortably. Tucked away in a quiet alley just “steps” away from the Spanish Steps (haha see what I did there), we couldn’t have been happier. But really…we were right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle that Rome is so famous for and most importantly, we were right by all the shopping (dad was obviously not thrilled about this part).    

Now that the vacation had officially begun, it was obviously time for a drink. We treated ourselves to some vino and pizza at Il Palazzetto, which was located right at the top of the Spanish Steps that had a fantastic view of the city that is not worth missing.  

Fun fact, if you don’t already know by now, the Keith’s are OBSESSED with McDonald’s (judge us later.) At the bottom of the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna square, one of the most famous squares in Rome, housed the FIRST McDonald’s here in Rome planting its golden arches in 1986. The Romans obviously put up a fight, but those salty fries obviously won. (read the NY Times here) https://www.nytimes.com/1986/05/05/style/romans-protest-mcdonald-s.html  

Exploring continued and we found ourselves at the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world. For all my Audrey Hepburn fans our there, yes this is where they go in Roman Holiday! Not just a breathtaking work of art, according to legend, tossing one coin into the Trevi Fountain means you will return to the Eternal City (Rome), tossing two coins means you’ll return and fall in love, and tossing three coins means you’ll return, find love, and marry. Luck or no luck, your money goes to a good cause. Almost 1.7 MILLION dollars is collected every year from the fountain and given to the Catholic charity to help the poor and homeless. Not telling you how many coins we tossed!  

After a packed day of seeing absolutely everything we could is was off to EMMA for dinner. We’re a walking family, so we decided to take in the all this historical sights of this ancient city walk from the Trevi Fountain to the restaurant. It was absolutely packed, which only meant one thing…it was delicious! We were seated in a lower level that almost resembled an underground wine cellar. The pasta amatriciana was delicious and we paired with an incredible wine, Primitivo di Manduria DOC Feudi di San Gregorio Ognissole (is that a mouthful or what lol). The cacio pepe and carbonara were also mouth-watering.  

Leaving with bellies full of authentic Italian cuisine, we walked back towards the Trevi Fountain to experience all the craziness that was happening in the alleys. Thousands of people filled the alleys and restaurants, with live music and artists and much more, this certainly trumps New York as the city that never sleeps.


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