Launched in 2015, Blondes Who Eat began as a way to share my food adventures and restaurant recommendations with my friends, but it quickly evolved into so much more. Over the past five years, Blondes Who Eat has collaborated with 75+ brands, including local restaurants, national chains, food & beverage companies, hotels, apps, stores, and more. We’ve attended food festivals, acted as “celebrity judges” at food competitions, assisted local restaurant openings, ran social media campaigns for other brands, and facilitated food vendors at events with over 40,000+ people in attendance. Some of my proudest accomplishments thus far include our partnership with McDonald’s (and subsequent visit to McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago), as well as becoming the first guests to appear on Barstool Sports “One Bite” internet show with Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy.

I’m genuinely obsessed with food, and my mission is first and foremost to reignite that same obsession in others. Whether I'm trying new restaurants in my community, tasting my way through other cities offerings, exploring new cuisines while traveling the world, experiencing new and revolutionary ways of cooking, or revisiting the foods I grew up eating, what truly matters to me is eating food that tastes good. I'm passionate about showcasing what I genuinely like, and I'm committed to sharing all my authentic experiences with my followers via quality content. It’s my belief that the best food isn’t always the most expensive, and you don’t always have to travel far and wide to find flavors you’ve never experienced before.

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I’m Kristi - founder of Dallas-based food & travel blog Blondes Who Eat. Given my moms overwhelming passion for food, and my dads incredible sense of wanderlust, I truly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with food & traveling. Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, I was always encouraged to be an adventurous eater, curious traveler and all-around explorer, so it’s only natural that I created an Instagram & blog with those same values.




You can either find me in a buffet line or on a plane to who knows where. I’ve always been down for an adventure and up for trying anything, which is why traveling and eating are the two single most important things in my life that keeps things exciting and enjoyable! People come and go but food is here forever.✌🏼


Hey y’all - I’m Morgan! The younger of the blonde sisters. You name it and I am sure to love it, whether it’s cake, cookies, donuts, pie, ice cream, cookie dough, candy - I’m sure to be its biggest fan. I would love to visit every country in the world and experience all the food unique to those places. Besides traveling the world and eating, I am huge into running, hiking, and almost any physical exercise outside. If adventure is a part of the equation you’ll find me all over it.

I'm Julia, the NYC Blonde Who Eats! When I'm not modeling, I am definitely eating my way through the city (METABOLISM DON'T FAIL ME NOW)! Everything I do revolves around food & even when I'm eating, I'm thinking about my next meal. If you're ever in NYC, you'll likely see me face first into a bowl of pasta at Supper Restaurant or getting messy with a burger at Joseph Leonard. Anyways, I could go on & on with a list of my favorite little spots but I can't give it all away at once... 

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